Qualification Recognition

Working Group Chair: Henk van der Kamp.
Working Group members :
Henk van der Kamp, Dominique Lancrenon, Philippe Doucet and Paulo Correia.

Follow-up 2016:
Consultation on Professional Competences
Paper debated at the Autumn 2016 General Assembly in Ljubljana


ECTP-CEU Study Profession Qualification Recognition - Stage II document (English)
(September 2013)

ECTP-CEU Study Profession qualification Recognition - Stage I document (English)
(November 2012)
ECTP-CEU Etude reconnaissance qualif des urbanistes - projet.pdf ECTP-CEU Etude reconnaissance qualif des urbanistes - projet.pdf (Français)


ECTP Working Group on the Recognition of Planning Qualifications in Europe
(Henk van der Kamp - June 2011)