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11th Biennial of European Towns and Town Planners
Dublin 14-16 October 2015



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10th Biennial of European Towns and Town Planners - Cascais 19-21 September 2013

New Paradigms, Challenges and Opportunities for European Cities - The contribution of Spatial Planning to overcome the crisis

This edition of the Biennial of European Towns and Town Planners was very successful.

It's main themes were:
Children born today may live until 2090. We are preparing our cities for them. How should we do that? And how should we combine the new paradigms, the new basis of city life with the struggle to overcome of the current crisis?

The Biennial tried to answer these questions and was focused on different aspects of these subjects:

  • Theoretical presentations by keynote speakers and authors of papers (general and specific; covering energy, water, information, public participation, demography; environment; new technologies, new materials and new methodologies);
  • Young Planners Workshop on City without Public Economic Funds;
  • Young Planners Workshop on Urban Regeneration;
  • Best practice exhibition of innovative urban solutions;
  • Best practice exhibition of recently completed innovative plans and projects;
  • Exhibition of recently developed new technologies;
  • The exhibition and conference presenting the winning projects in 2012 European Urban and Regional Planning Awards;
  • Poster exhibition and conference presenting selected projects in the Cascais Urban Award 2013.


The Speakers were: Bernardo Secchi, Louis Albrechts, Alain Bourdin, Joan Busquets, Paolo la Greca, Oriol Nel.lo, António Câmara, Jaime Melo Baptista, Vincent Goodstadt, Kevin Murray, Ismael Fernandez Mejia, Izabela Mironowicz, Elin Sondergard, Pierre Laconte, Joaquim Poças Martins, Rafaela Matos, José Saldanha Matos, Helena Alegre, Helena Marecos, Eduardo Oliveira Fernandes, António Costa Silva, Nuno Ribeiro da Silva and Manuel Duarte Pinheiro.

Thanks to all participants who contributed to this successful event.

João Teixeira
Chairman of the 10th Biennial
ECTP-CEU Vice-president
Cascais Municipality Director for Strategy, Innovation and Quality


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IX Biennial of European Towns and Town Planners

The 9th Biennial of Town Planning and of European Town Planners, took place in Genoa on 14-17 September 2011, focused on how cities can contribute to re-launch European competitiveness through urban policies able to attract innovative investments that can offer firms and citizens more highly developed instruments for producing and better conditions for living in cities, having recourse also to the contribution that technology can offer in all the fields of urban life.

In the age of telecommunications, the gateway role that port cities have played in European history should be extended to many other cities which carry out that role not only in the field of transport and infrastructure, but also in the field of intangible communication flows which are at the basis of many contemporary productive processes.

The term Smart Planning is today applied to new applications of technology to urban governance, from which citizens and firms may obtain benefits as inhabitants and as producers. The Biennial intends to look into this new field that is unusual to contemporary European town planning practices, so as to offer ideas and opportunities useful for the institutions and the professions.

At the origin of the thematic reflections proposed by this edition of the Biennial, special attention will be given to the concept of European territory, a physical and relational space in which local, national and international firms and institutions cooperate and compete in a single market concerning half a billion inhabitants and which want to offer opportunities to all.

The Europa 2000 scenario represents the backdrop common to all the reflections which, from various angles, tackle the complex framework of relations and traditions constituting the scheme of Community building, and represent the motive to strengthen the internal ties and to consolidate the sense of belonging together.


The 8th Biennal Meeting of European Towns & Town Planners

The Biennial took place on 3-4 December 2009 in Nancy, France and was dealing with three questions:

- Is there really a "European City" model ? ?
- How European Cities react to big today's economic, social, climate and demographic stakes ? ?
- What strengths can European Cities draw on with a view to developmental leverage.

It has been organized by FNAU in cooperation with the Permanent International Working Party (PIWP) with the support of the ECTP.



(Mr João Teixeira, ECTP-CEU President during his presentation at the Biennal)