About the ECTP-CEU Biennials


The goal of the Biennial of "Town and town planners", promoted by the European Council of Town Planners (ECTP-CEU), is bringing together urban planners, designers, sociologists, historians (of architecture), politicians and other professionals to discuss the issues and share information and lessons learned.
We need to know how urban planners and designers throughout Europe deal with changes in the cultural and technological environments.
The Biennial aims to launch a European debate on how urban designers and planners can help create sustainable cities.

The goal of biennials is also to assemble urban planners, engineers, architects, economists, sociologists, elected people, citizens, private and non governmental organizations (NGO) with the objective to share questions, experiences and alternative answers.

From 1995 in which the first Biennial was organized until the last edition organized in 2007 in Paris, Biennials have focused on the different problems and challenges European cities and territories have faced over the last 22 years.
The Bienials intend to put some light on these questions and understand better the European cities changes and new urban paradgims.

The Executive Committee of the ECTP-CEU is happy to announce that from the various very interesting received proposals to host the 2019 edition of the Biennial of European Towns and Town Planners, it is the proposal submitted by Plymouth that has been selected.

We are looking forward to a great 13th Edition of the Biennial!

Plymouth announcement