symposium leuven 600

October 6, 2017, Jointly organized by City of Leuven, VRP and ECTP-CEU
International symposium /Enhancing spatial efficiency in urbanized areas

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Welcoming words by Joris Scheers, president ECTP-CEU and Carl Devlies, First Elderman City of Leuven, responsible for Spatial Planning.
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Leuven Urban redevelopment programs as strategic projects of the Spatial planning policy by Wiet Vandaele, head of the planning department, City of Leuven
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Spatial efficiency as a central policy in Flanders by Geert Mertens, expert of the Department Omgeving, Flanders Region
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Aiming for spatial efficiency and the importance of well managed planning processes by Vincent Goodstadt (RTPI, UK) Followed by public discussion.
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Project driven approaches in enhancing spatial efficiency by Vladan Djokic, University of Belgrade
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Book presentation ‘Spatial Planning in Flanders’
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